Vercors – Day 1: Lus la Croix Haute to Les Sucettes de Borne

We are doing a loop around Lus, a small town south of Grenoble, next to the gorgeous Plateaux du Vercors. The trip starts Monday and we are walking until Saturday morning!

The team:

  • I, your humble servant

  • my sister Sophie

  • G, one of Miriam’s friends who is an avid hiker

We picked up our friend G at Lyon after our cousin’s wedding. A 4 hours night sleep will not deter us from a week of hiking! Following morning, we leave Lyon, onwards to Lus! Hopefully, we will find a place to buy food for the first three days on the way. The GR93 (GR: grande randonnée or long distance hiking) leaves the train station and very gradually goes up towards Grimone Pass. It’s an easy way up and already the views are here.

The trail signs indicate mileage or Km here as well as time and so far we are doing as shown or better.

We arrive at the Pass where the road is and we find a few people lounging – looking at the cars pass I guess? Funny spot to choose.

We arrive at Grimone, old and cute little village where we find basil to spice up our dinner. The way up starts to get steeper, we go through a small pass and then another towards Les Sucettes. We find a stream, a meadow, a gorgeous view in the background, looks like we found a place for the night!

We have started dinner when a newcomer arrives heavily loaded. Here comes Pascal, here to stay at the shelter where he hopes to record nature sounds. We talk maps, topography and the Plateaux where he says we definitely will not find water. He invites us for coffee the following morning as the shelter is 20 minutes away. We are the only hikers in a 15 miles radius and we get a coffee invitation. Yay!

Dinner is yummy: pasta with tomatoe sauce, basil and garlic with a small soup. We realize we might have been too ambitious with our appetite and we will definitely need to resupply a bit.

We play a card game where I get my ass kicked and we go to bed around 10 pm. The skies are clear even if the clouds stay over in the nearby valley.

Disclaimer: I write on my phone so sorry for typos or weird sentences.

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