Day 2: Change of plans

The night was very windy, I didn’t put my stakes right and my tent fell three times before I finally got the trick. Every time I would get out, i could see a beautiful sky full of stars and also a huge thunderstorm in the nearby valley.  Thankfully it didn’t make its way to ours!

We got up early to go to the shelter and have our morning coffee with Pascal. The shelter is nice with a beautiful view! The slope leading to it is rough, especially on an empty stomach.  Pascal managed to make coffee using a funnel, paper as filter and a pot. It worked!

He also gave us some home made cookies before we left towards Jiboui Pass. Once there, we decided to get to the top, towards a sheep flock. In France, those sheep are watched by Patous, huge dogs that think they are sheep and will defend the flock agains Lynxes, wolves (whaaat, wolves in France??), etc. Hikers are warned to slow down, let the dogs check them out and if possible avoid them altogether. Even though we were far away, one of them came towards us. That thing was HUGE! Sophie started to freak out and run away. The dog started to bark even louder and run towards her even though we were screaming “don’t run!!”  She eventually stopped running when she fell. The shepherd came towards us, the dogs calmed down and finally let us through. Phew.. The view at the top was amazing and definitely worth the trouble. Mountains, clouds, valleys, we were on top of the world.

It’s time to make our way down into the valley. At lunch, my fellow companions are a bit too enthusiastic on the bread (they blamed the cheese) and we realize we have not enough good to last the next two days.. We have to find a resuply spot but as we call all the huts, they tell me “nope, nothing here. You have to go to that bigger town miles away.”  Problem is, it is 5 pm and a storm is about to arrive. No choice, we have to hitchhike but we are three which makes it harder to get picked up. No worries! A minivan full with hippies picks us up within five minutes. The rain fell on us as soon the car drove away. The lady offers us to stay at their place if we cannot find a place for the night and gives us her phone number.

As we arrive to town, it’s still raining. G gets to the bakery and asks the baker where we could stay. He told us the city is full with a movie shooting and there is no place to stay. However he offers us to stay at his place for the night. We spend the evening with those generous people that definitely saved our butts that night. Oh glorious shower, oh glorious croissant smell! We don’t even have to get up early the following day as we only have 4 hours to a smaller town nearby to get on the plateaux.


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