Day 3 – to Archiane

Waking up to the smell of baking pastries might be on my top 3 waking up calls ever. Plus I was on a bed! And I had a shower! Ah, the small life pleasures…

We opened the bottle of wine to transfer its content to a plastic bottle. Glass is definitely too heavy (C.J if you read this… :p)

breakfast of champions

As we make our way to the trailhead, a young movie set assistant asks us to stay as close to the cars as possible in order not to appear in the shot. As the movie takes place in the 50’s, I think they could alter the plot a bit to include some (formerly) dirty hikers with flashy outfits from the future.  I have yet to hear back from the movie director but who knows!

The trail starts with 1h30 of steep ascent and then 2 more hours of almost flat ground to the tiny village of Archiane. The views are gorgeous as we make our way inside the cirque. We find a small spot to hang next to the river but the rain starts to fall so we retreat to the only “bar” around. I mean, there might be only 10 houses here. We order a few drinks (no alcohol) and we get our picnic out: tuna spread, saucisson, wholewheat bread… Attracting immediately unwanted visitors: the owner’s 12 cats. As one is distracting the saucisson cutter, the others try to get close to the tuna spread. Soon, we engage in a decisive battle to keep the saucisson from ending up in their belly instead of ours. Victory is ours and we enjoy the celebratory meal in semi-peace, the cats not giving up fully.

Sophie decides to take a nap, G and I go for a small hike around the cirque and also for the caves that appear on the map.

I found them but forgot my headlamp 😦 they appear to be fully flooded when the water is running but by the end of the summer, there is no water. I found one of them but according to the map, they are three.

massive cave in the middle!!

Dinner time, I have to fight once more to keep my hungry sister away from the leftover pasta (she appears to go really hungry while hiking and underestimated her appetite while going for resuply). As we are going to a plateau with nothing at all tomorrow night, we will need the tiny extra food.

Some hikers told us about this hike along the cliff, not on top, not at the bottom but right in the middle. Looks epic and I will have to come back!


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